SIMTEX International

Simtex International, is part of a private investment group, that began as a shipping company in Middlesborough in 1885. Since then the company has remained in the same family but has diversified its activities and currently has investments in four sectors: logistics, manufacturing, property and renewable energy.

From its origins in the mid 1990’s, Simtex has evolved through the acquisition and merger of a leading defence explosives specialist, into a company offering additional strength and diversity coupled with decades of knowledge and experience in the movement of all classes of hazardous materials.

Decades of sector experience.

SIMTEX INTERNATIONAL offers clients an extensive range of services for the movement of sensitive cargoes globally, and specialises in the shipment of Class 1 Dangerous Goods including: commercial & military explosives, munitions, missiles, cartridges, detonators, weapons, defence equipment, armoured vehicles, demining equipment, and sensitive tools and devices.

Our quality and exceptional customer service sets us apart.

Our dedicated and highly experienced team have the specialist skills and experience to meet the complex requirements and practices of the Defence Industry, particularly the challenging movements of IMO CLASS 1 substances & articles. We also offer Storage, Section 5 compliance and DGSA consultancy to meet European legislation.

To provide real value to our customers, we offer contract logistics and freight management services either alone or in combination. Our logistics solutions are based on an in-depth understanding of our customers’ business, and on the expertise of the sectors in which we work. We are easy to work with: open, honest, highly responsive and provide quick access to senior decision makers within the company.